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Available Management Procedures

These results are a small set of MPs with a larger number of simulations.

For the larger set of MPs with various options see

Note that MPs are only comparable when they have the same number of simulations.

Update history

Last updated: 20 November 2022

20 November 2022: Results for main MPs and two options of decision-making variability with 1100 simulations.

Grids may become available below showing MPs available and selected.

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Graphical Results

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Graphical Results by Regulatory areas

Management Procedures

Distribution Procedures

Five distribution procedures are integrated into output


Scenarios examining different assumptions in the projections

Help and Documentation

A method to use this tool is to select a small set of management procedures (MPs) from the elements on the left. Then compare these MPs using plots or the table. The plots show the general trends across SPR values for the control rule and constraint elements. The table provides specific numbers.

The table with the selected elements may be downloaded to a csv file. It is easy to then open this in Excel for further comparison, formatting, and plotting. The plots may be saved by right-clicking on the plot and choosing 'Save image as'.


Performance metrics and statistics of interest