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Last updated: 8 September 2020

08 September 2020: MSE Explorer webpage being prepared for new results. More to come...

15 September 2020: Updated with initial runs for priority MPs except MPJ. There are 150 or fewer runs, so some simulation variability in performance metrics existis. There are some bugs in the Explorer.

16 September 2020: Added MPJ preliminary results.

21 September 2020: increased simulation numbers. Corrected median average TCEY. Added percSB by Region.

27 September 2020: increased simulation numbers and all MPs. Added SPR=36% for some.

28 September 2020: Added ability to select D and added MP-I for 'sim' to results.

6 October 2020: Added additional simulations. All MPs available. Added SPR=50%. Updated Reg Area metric names

6 October 2020: Added a ranking page with summary ranks

6 October 2020: Added Median Directed Discard Performance Metric by Regulatory Area

6 October 2020: Added AAV for TCEY by Regulatory Area

16 October 2020: Changed greater than to less than in biological rank table

16 October 2020: Added Probability percent SB in a region is less than min, P(all percSB<min) and P(any percSB<min)

16 October 2020: Added Regulatory Area Trade-offs page

16 October 2020: Fixed percentiles, removed lines from plots

16 October 2020: Added additional MPs with other elements of interest to MSAB for comparison

16 October 2020: Added a secondary summary table on ranking page

16 October 2020: Updated help and MPs pages

18 October 2020: Added TCEY by Biological Region and coastwide discards

18 October 2020: Added simulations to some of the additional MPs

19 October 2020: Added MP16-G1

19 October 2020: Fixed bug in Reg Area trade-off plots

20 October 2020: Added term and rounding options to individual rank tables

23 October 2020: Set defaults to produce rank table in IPHC-2020-MSAB016-R

In the grids below, the light blue colored cells indicate the Management Procedures that have simulations available for evaluation in this tool. Dark blue cells indicate the Management Procedures that are currently chosen for evaluation and comparison.

No Estimation Error

Simulated Estimation Error

SS Estimation Error

Tabular Results

Graphical Results

Graphical Results by Regulatory areas

MPs Ranking

1.1. Keep female SB above a limit to avoid critical stock sizes and conserve spatial population structure

2.1. Maintain spawning biomass around a level that optimises fishing activities

Values are ranked based on how close the probability is to 0.5 and can be rounded to the first decimal or to the second decimal before ranking

2.2. Limit catch variability

Values for ranking of probabilities can be rounded to the first or the second decimal, while values for ranking of the AAV can be rounded to the nearest integer, to the first decimal or to the nearest 0.5% value before ranking

2.3. Provide directed fishing yield

Mortality limits can be rounded to the nearest 0.1 million pounds or the nearest 1 million pound and percentages can be rounded to the nearest integer, to the first decimal or to the second decimal before ranking

Summary table by Measurable Objectives

Weight for average

Ranking average

Summary table by Primary Objectives

Weight for average

Ranking average

Management Procedures

Management Procedures from Appendix V of IPHC-2020-MSAB015-R.

Help and Documentation

A method to use this tool is to select a small set of management procedures (MPs) from the elements on the left. Then compare these MPs using plots or the table. The plots show the general trends across SPR values for the control rule and constraint elements. The table provides specific numbers.

The table with the selected elements may be downloaded to a csv file. It is easy to then open this in Excel for further comparison, formatting, and plotting. The plots may be saved by right-clicking on the plot and choosing 'Save image as'.


Performance metrics and statistics of interest